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We will run the metric comparison independently on each of at least 19 tracts of HSC-SSP Wide data, as well as the (single tract) HSC-SSP UDeep COSMOS dataset.  No more than 1 of these 20 tracts shall have a regression from the meas_mosaic performance in that tract by more than 2σ, and none may deviate by more than 3σ.  The number of tracts may be extended if initial failure to achieve these rates appears to be due to statistical fluctuations.

The WCS mappings and photometric scalings output by meas_mosaic and jointcal should also be manually inspected for at least 5 visits in each of 5 tracts (including COSMOS) to look for unusual differences.

Doing the Work

Scheduling work is obviously a T/CAM responsibility, but it may be best to try to share the generation of the input data repositories for these tests with re-run of the full HSC-SSP PDR1 (NCSA may have already scheduled some time for this later this cycle).