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Any of the above packages and all their dependencies can be installed by replacing lsst_sims with the appropriate package name in the above code snippet (e.g. sims_maf).  Installation is now complete.  See package specific pages for documentation.





 Mixing Installed Stack with Development Repositories

When contributing to development work it is often useful to use most packages from an installed stack and only keep local copies of the repositories that need work.  For pure python packages, this is straightforward.  The following steps will put a local copy of sims_maf into a pre-existing stack.

1. Move to a directory to hold the working repository and clone it:

Code Block
mkdir ~/lsstRepos; cd ~/lsstRepos
git clone https://$

Note that you will need a password on the stash server (or have set up ssh keys) to push to the server.

2. Declare and build the package:

Code Block
cd sims_maf
eups declare -r . -t $USER
setup sims_maf -t $USER

See here for the confluence question dealing with how to be polite in a shared stack.  

3. Code, commit and push

Code reviews should be handled by branching the repository and issuing a pull request through stash.