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  • python 2.7
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • astropy
  • matplotlib
  • sqlalchemy
  • Cython (note: even if using the stack-supplied Anaconda distribution, you should run conda install cython to install the Sims stack)
  • cmake
  • git-lfs is required for installation from source (eups or lsstsw)  – read-only mode is sufficient for installing the sims packages

The recommended install instructions will provide these dependencies for you through an Anaconda distribution.  


Code Block
conda install lsst-sims-maf


Then, every time you open a new shell, you can setup the sims packages using the following code. Note that the file `` is in `$ROOT/bin` where `$ROOT` is the conda environment that you installed into or if you did not specifically setup an environment (following the above method) it points to the conda installation. However, the location of the file does not matter, as the `ROOT/bin` directory should be in your path if you are using conda, and then you can launch the following commands from any working directory.


Code Block
setup lsst_sims (or setup sims_maf)


Code Block
cd sims_maf
eups declare -r . -t $USER
setup sims_maf -t $USER


You can check running the following that your dev version is being used by the following method.

Code Block
> eups list sims_maf
tag: username  username setup


See here for the confluence question dealing with how to be polite in a shared stack.  


Code reviews should be handled by branching the repository and issuing a pull request through stash.