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PhoSim Sensor Data Simulation Standing Telecon:  

Dial Toll-Free Number: 866-740-1260 (U.S. & Canada)
Enter your 7-digit access code, 5665526 followed by "#"

International participants dial: 
Toll Number: 303-248-0285 
Or International Toll-Free Number:[

Monday, September 23rd, 12 EDT/ 9 am PDT

Minutes:  Attendees:  Glenn, En-Hsin, Andrei, Paul, Andy R, Steve R, Tony, John

Discussed presentations of John & Andrei; Some notes from that:
John discussed that we can validate the sensor physics in PhoSim by simulating lab setups with all details
PhoSim is flexible and does not have to just simulate LSST
Since the sensor effects are rather subtle, simulating in a forward simulation is probably necessary
John outlined the variety of physics details that En-Hsin/Paul/AndyR/John completed over last year that has to be tested & parameters tuned
Tony stated cleanly we have two purposes:
1)  validate sensor physics by simulating lab measurements
2)  determine the effect of these details on actual astronomical measurements (e.g. weak lensing, SNe photometry, etc.)
Thus PhoSim can do this loop (first validate & then determine the effect)
Andy R stated need to do X-ray simulations too (probably do sims w/ separate code & cross-validate)
Andrei discussed simulating flats and spot PSFs;  Plans to validate
Paul noted John should not be calling some effects anisotropic diffusion but rather lateral fields, since diffusion is still quasi-isotropic but get lateral displacement (agreed)
Paul noted discrepancy of PSF size w/ PhoSim (should discuss at next telecon before getting into more subtle details)
Ran out of time for Tony's Presentation (next telecon)
Many will start to explore inputing lab design into PhoSim (see John's early slides) (more next telecon)

Monday, October 7th, 12 EDT/ 9 am PDT




Monday, November 4th, 12 EDT/ 9 am PDT

  • Remaining questions about Charge Diffusion vs. Voltage (non)discrepancy (Paul/En-Hsin)
  • Question about Variance vs. Signal measurements (John)
  • Progress on Lab Designs into PhoSim (Andrei/Wei/Glenn/Others)


Note (Paul O.):

I've identified data sets of interest, copied to the Harvard archive ccdtest@

Photon transfer:




Monday, December 16th, 12 EDT/ 9 am PDT

  • UC Davis Lab Setup in PhoSim (Glenn/Tony)UCDavis.pdf
  • Progress on PhoSim for BNL Setup (Andrei)
  • Ideas for Nominal Data Sets to Compare To (All)
  • AOB
  • Brighter-Fatter MeasurementsDocument-14327.pdf


Monday, January 13th, 12 ET/ 9 am PT

  • More wiki documentation/general updates (John)
  • Progress on Ongoing projects
    • UC Davis Lab Setup in PhoSim (Glenn/Tony/Wei)
    • BNL Lab Setup in PhoSim (Andrei/Ben)
    • PhoSim comparison w/ Asteir et al. analysis (Chris/AndyR/John)
    • Surface Distortion Generalization (En-Hsin)



  • PhoSim Tutorial (En-Hsin/Andrei/Ben)
  • UC Davis Lab Setup in PhoSim (Glenn/Tony/Wei)
  • BNL Lab Setup in PhoSim (Andrei/Ben)
  • PhoSim comparison w/ Asteir et al. analysis (Chris)
  • Surface Distortion Generalization/Comparisons (En-Hsin/AndyR)





  • PhoSim User Tutorial/Questions/Issues (All)
  • Aux Setup & UC Davis Lab Setup in PhoSim (Glenn/Wei)
  • BNL Lab Setup in PhoSim (Andrei/Ben)
  • PhoSim comparison w/ Astier et al. analysis (Chris)
  • Surface Distortion Interpolation Algorithm Comparison (En-Hsin/AndyR)
  • PhoSim for M1/M3 tests (Bo)