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WARNING! These opsim runs are about to be depreciated in favor of a new set of tier1 runs. To see the list of (as yet unofficial) new runs, please go to Operations Simulator Benchmark Surveys. This version of the opsim runs uses Summary table 2015 Summary Table description. There will be a schema difference between these runs and the current runs - 'finSeeing' (here) will be replaced by 'FWHMgeom' and 'FWHMeff' (there).

OpSim: Data and Analyses 

From this page you can download database files and view analyses for 10-year simulated surveys produced by the Operations Simulator (OpSim). The Simulator generates an SQLite database that includes the pointing history of observations, and information about the telescope and instrument states, as well as the observing conditions at the time of an observation. To gain some insight into each simulation, we provide metrics characterizing each simulated survey produced by the Metrics Analysis Framework (MAF).