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The Summer 2015 release of the LSST stack is internally numbered v11_0 in eups and eups distrib; each git repository has been tagged with "11.0" (git tag) or v11_0 (EUPS distrib).

These release notes document notable updates changes since 10.1, which was the Summer Winter 2015 release.


Table of Contents

Major Functionality and Interface Changes


These improvements should not usually be visible to end users. They may be important for developers, however.



Release notes for Qserv and Webserv

These release notes focus on the Science Pipelines part of the LSST Stack, but there are other important components developed by Data Management teams.

  • Summer 2015 release notes for Qserv
  • Summer 2015 release notes for Webserv

Known Issues

An up-to-date list of known issues for 11.0 affecting external users is available.

Measurements & Characterisation

A summary of Stack characterisation measurements is available.