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Comment: moving terminology notes to next mtg notes


  • No 11:00 am hangout next week, because of AHM


Keeping this for future discussion about terminology:


In IPAC archives, dataset always refers to a collection of data. 

  • For WISE, each data release is a dataset: like preliminary release, allsky release, AllWISE release, ...

  • For Spitzer, each legacy or exploration team produce a set of data, they are re  leased with each team name or the program name 

  • Sometimes a dataset includes both catalogs and images; sometimes only catalogs   or images in a dataset.

  • Inside a dataset, they are further separated into smaller units, sometimes by   type (catlog, image, spectrum).

  • Images can be further separated by level of data products (level1-single frame   image, leve2-coadded image), and by  wavelength (wise has 4 bands).

  • For each image, there are also ancillary data associated with it, like artifacts, uncertainty, coverage, PSF file, mask, ...