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  • Project updates (Eric Bellm , Ian Sullivan ):
    • No updates
  • Auxtel processing status (all):
    • Another Auxtel run this week, running ApPipe again
  • Pipelines Infrastructure (Krzysztof Findeisen , John Parejko ):
    • JP: Merged CalibrateImageTask, running final tests
      • New pipeline should run in parallel to old ap_verify (but not with Fakes)
      • Old Fake source injection pipeline not compatible with new CalibrateImageTask.
      • BOS: New source injection package appears feature complete, but will require major re-write of Fakes pipeline
  • Precursor processing & Campaign Management ( Kenneth Herner , Erin Howard, Meredith Rawls ):
    • MR: Looking at Auxtel runs from DRP processing. Will consult with Colin about investigating Prompt Processing images.
  • Satellites (Meredith Rawls ):
    • Noirlab is hiring a software engineer (Michelle Dadighat) to work on Sathub etc..
    • Started looking at adding streak detection to AP.
      • Aware of simpler streak detection from Tony Tyson's group. Might be faster?
    • Giving a talk on satellites/Rubin at PCW, would welcome questions to guide overview talk.
  • Image differencing algorithms, DCR  ( Bruno Sanchez , Ian Sullivan ):
    • BOS: Masking is now avoiding Fakes being used for PSF-matching. Looking at flags
    • Attempting to process dataset with sufficient Fakes for good statistics
  • alert distribution (Brianna Smart , Eric Bellm ):
    • BS: Dan S has a functioning alert broker that is separated from the Science Platform, may be running by end of week
      • IDF version of the alert broker has started exhibiting memory issues again, despite no changes
  • transinet (Nima Sedaghat Harshit Rai , Eric Bellm ):
    • Pushing on Zooniverse to automate, and produce visual guide for volunteers.
    • Looking into correctness of ground-truth data for DC2, Bruno is assisting
  • Solar-system processing (Ari Heinze ):
    • Press release today: 
    • Discussion of new columns needed in diaSource tables (
      • From the ticket:
        • When new, more advanced versions of heliolinc are written than make use of trailed source information, I anticipate that the following additional values will be needed:
          • Trail length and its uncertainty (in arcsec)
          • Celestial position angle of trail, and its uncertainty (in RA and Dec)
            • DM-15180 to get RA/Dec errors in output catalogs
          • Cross-trail and along-trail astrometric uncertainties
        • AH: notes that the CD matrix is in the source table, but not in the diaSource table. Would be very useful to have the CD matrix in the diaSource table
        • KF: Do we want any pixel units in the schema, or all in sky coordinates?
  • Review CI (
    • Drop in SubtractTask timing around 7/25, cause unknown
  • Review outstanding action items
  • QA meeting September 11:
    • Eric on detection thresholds/fakes forced photometry?
    • streak masking/long trail rejection (Bri & Meredith)
    • CalibrateImagesTask in AP (John)
  • AOB
    • No meeting next week, for PCW


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