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Comment: Fixed old unchanged reference to documenting methods in .cc file.


Use @ to precede all doxygen special commandcommands. E.g. Eg @param or @file.

Strongly Preferred Documentation Style

Use /* to start and */ to end a comment block.


Method parameter documentation must remain consistent with the method argument declaration. The scons build will abort should a mismatch occur. (To be instituted in DC3)


The following guidelines were extracted from "MINOS Offline Documentation, How to document your code for doxygen" here and modified to reflect the LSST Doxygen standard for C++.


Locate each method's documentation where the method is defineddeclared. Generally, that will be in the .cc file. However, for inline methods the documentation will be in the .h file at the point the inline is defined. Two methods are acceptable for documenting parameters of the methods and functions; which ever whichever method you choose, be consistent throughout the source file.