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March/April/May Organizer: John Parejko (@parejkoj  on slack)June Organizer: Arun Kannawadi.







@fredChi**2 coadds


No meetingEveryone is bootcamping.


Keith Bechtol Commissioning update


Commissioning Science Validation Bootcamp welcome slides


analysis_tools sprint demo


John Parejko Data model changes from RFC-906


Never allocate nodes again

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LSSTCam updateslides




Bruno Sanchez Transient survey science: from pixels to cosmology: Part IIslides

Transient survey science: from pixels to cosmologyslides

everyonePost-Chile discussionSlides


Yusra AlSayyad Prep for JTM



Bruno Sanchez 
Bruno couldn't make it, so we talked about the upcoming Chile JTM.


Agnès Ferté Weak lensing and clustering cosmology with DES

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Ari Heinze Methods for fast and accurate classification of difference image sources without machine learning


Iterative Single Frame Measurement and Global Calibration


Trys McCann (she/her)Sophie Reed Lee Kelvin 

Update on synthetic source injection Announcements


Sorting items needed for pipeline commissioning. Followup from Dec 14. 


Commissioning Slides


Yusra AlSayyad News sharing


No meeting.Enjoy the break.


Brainstorm required data products to complete commissioning (follow up Nov. 30)Snapshot from Dec 2022


Aaron WatkinsLow surface brightness galaxies and sky subtraction


Keith Bechtol Planned schedule / activities for on-sky observationsslides


José Sánchez-GallegoSDSS V


Keith Bechtol Kick-off meeting for SIT-Com Science Unitsslides



Princeton visit debriefing

parsl-visualize demo (time permitting)


Nima Sedaghat Machine Learning topics


Brianna Smart The Diffuse Ionized Gas of the Magellanic Clouds


Erfan Nourbakhsh Unrecognized blending and cosmological inference


Erik Dennihy Batch Processing AuxTel datasets




John Parejko A discussion on papers that should be written before/at the same time as DR1.

A short report on PFS wavelength solutions (which share some similarities with HSC/DECam astrometric solutions, hence the possible Rubin interest.  Plus it's cute).

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Brianna Smart The Diffuse Ionized Gas of the Magellanic CloudsTO BE RE-SCHEDULED

Red galaxy errors

PCW decompressionJust discussion. Imagine it's Thursday night after the PCW. Your talks are done, you just had dinner, and are in the pool floating around with the rest of the pipelines folks. "What's up?"


Practice PCW talk: Update from Science Pipelines

Compensated Filters in Practice


Eli Rykoff Brief obs_decam Gen2 Deprecation Update


1) New output data products from the multi-band deblender
2) Refactoring drp_pipe


Source Injection with the Science PipelinesSource Injection with the Science Pipelines ticket.


DM Pipelines Bootcamp


Nate Lust New Analysis Tools Design Presentation

Confluence to collect feedback: Analysis Tools Prototype Design






John Parejko AP Runtime Characterization Sprint Demo


Emergent Issues


Lee Kelvin Unit tests for drp_pipe


History Of Background Estimation in the DRP Pipeline


Jim Bosch A Guided Tour of QuantumGraph Generation
27 Apr 2022

Leanne Guy

Interactive plotting in GaiaPostponed (date: TBD)
20 Apr 2022

Chris Waters 

Verification (cp_verify)cp_verify overview-DM.20220420.pdf
13 Apr 2022

John Parejko 

Krzysztof Findeisen 

 "The Prompt Processing Prototype" 

Eric's summary slides
06 Apr 2022

Yusra Alsayyad

Kian-Tat Lim

"Update from the third USDF workshop"

Workshop agenda

KT's talk


Sophie ReedAnalysis_drp Plotting Sprint DemoSprint Demo Slides


Ian SullivanDifference Imaging refactorImage Differencing refactor March 2022.pdf


Yusra AlSayyadPremortem Follow-upTrello Premortem Link


Meredith RawlsSatellites: IAU CPDQSSCI (lol), ZTF, and the Sun


Clare SaundersThe Present and Future of DM Streak Masking


Jim BoschConfiguration lessons learnedConfiguration is Hard Slides


Dan TaranuObject-to-Truth matches 


Jim BoschPlanning for Gen2 RemovalGen2 Middleware Removal Planning


Much ado about noise



Lee Kelvin's vistor Aaron WatkinsLow-surface-brightness ScienceSky subtraction Optimized for LSB Observations Slides


Yusra AlsayyadPremortem


Alex Amon (visitor)Weak lensing measurements & calibration


Lauren MacArthurDP0 processing plots


Robert LuptonNoise in Detectors Supporting non-destructive Reads (CMOS; HgCdTe)

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Yusra AlsayyadProject updates


Spencer NelsonAP DC2 profiling


Dan TaranuDRP DC2 plots


Arun KannawadiShape measurement uncertainties


Meredith RawlsSatellite update


Yusra AlsayyadFinal finalizing of the DP0.2 pipeline


Yusra AlsayyadDC2/obs_lsst pipeline changes/finalization


Yusra AlsayyadReview Rows/Columns in the DP0.2 output Parquet TablesParquet DRP Table & Column Reconciliation Notebook


Nate LustMemory Management in Python


Josh MeyersPSF estimation update


Dan TaranuScarlet's treatment of bright stars


PCW recap


Yusra AlsayyadPCW prep


Nate LustBPS interface updates


Arun KannawadiMind the GAaP


Robert LuptonMultiband detectionMaximum Likelihood Detection (ChiSq) Slides