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MetricNotes and CommentsStatus

Like PA1 but better. PA1 as defined in the SRD is a simple photometric repeatability; it may be more useful to calculate the repeatability after removing the expected statistical contribution to the RMS scatter.

Update TE<X> to use per-visit and coadd quantities

LSR-REQ-0124 (per-visit) and LSR-REQ-0123, LSR-REQ-0125 (full survey). This was also an outcome of the SST review.

More useful PSF modeling and shape/shear metrics

2-point correlation function of PSF residuals.  Rowe/rho statistics. In progress. This was also an outcome of the SST revi

Compute a median colour

Extension of ADx metrics definitionCalculate the fraction of outliers as a function of position on the sky.  We can “repurpose” the same calculation that is currently being done for ADx-es to do this on smaller spatial scales?Suggestion from dm-sst meeting
Implement all Rowe statistics