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Installation and setup

For instructions on installing the simulations code, go here.


Note: If you want to run the CatSim-GalSim interface which allows you to seamlessly convert CatSim catalogs into GalSim images, you should replace sims_catUtils with sims_GalSimInterface in the commands above.

Organization of Software

The software in the LSST stack is organized using the package management program EUPS.  Broadly speaking, every time you install a new version of the stack using


This directory structure was implemented for the sake of unambiguous module importing in the stack's python code.


Note: to run these tutorials, you will need to be able to connect to the University of Washington databases.  Instructions for accessing these databases can be found here.


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Basic CatSim philosophy

The CatSim stack principally exists to create catalogs from simulated universes. The default simulated universe that CatSim accesses lives on a machine at the University of Washington called "fatboy". This simulated universe is really a database that consists of a distribution of galaxies drawn from the Millennium N-body simulation, and Milky Way stars generated with the GalFast software.  Even though catalogs are generated by querying fatboy's database, CatSim is designed so that the user should never have to write any raw SQL queries. This is due to the way the catalog-generating classes in CatSim have been written. In broad strokes: