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attending: Eric Bellm John Swinbank Meredith Rawls Eric Morganson Ian Sullivan Krzysztof FindeisenGabor Kovacs

Topics for discussion

  • PCW session review
  • June false positive sprint (Eric Bellm Yusra AlSayyad Meredith Rawls Gabor Kovacs )
    • lots of good findings, capturing lots of followon action in tickets.
    • Gabor has tried processing HiTS with instcals but there were lots of astrometry failures so it's not quite ready for any kind of significant comparison
    • Gabor also trying to the calexp-calexp run
  • DES processing (Eric Morganson):
    • has done some profiling work:
      • ran on DECam (half LSST size CCDs) on lsst-dev09, comparable to operations speeds
      • total time 101 seconds (5x longer than desired, but still 5x faster than DESDM)
      • convolution (smaller kernels?), fitsIO (pre-loading and post-saving could help), scipy.lmdif (tune this), meas_base wrappers (the measurement plugin code–fewer measurements?), warpExposure (smaller kernel?), makeStatistics are 50% of the runtime
        • going to require lots of code changes, maybe accepting worse algorithms (e.g., smaller kernels) to get to target latencies
        • or longer latencies!
        • thread convolution or warping? (OpenMP)  buying more processors is not a major budgetary issue relative to hard drives ((GPUs?))
  • ap_association (Chris Morrison):
    • away at DESC
  • DCR (Ian Sullivan ):
    • has been gone for a week and a half; tech note (DMTN-121) is in review with Eric and John.
  • Review CI (
    •  Krzysztof Findeisenwill look into 0 unassociated DIASources on 10 July–looks like ProcessCcd crashed.  John says there were a failure to open the templates (cFITSIO error)?  Probably this should have shown up as a build failure in Jenkins, will ticket it
  • PCW session review
    • sessions that are high-priority for the team:
      • Data Management All Hands
      • Progress on QA Tooling
      • Gen 3 porting in the hack session (as directed by Fritz, described in DM All Hands on day 1)
    • others of interest:
      • time domain day of focus
  • AOB
    • Meredith and John are interested in understanding DESC DC2 DIA.
      • we will continue to monitor slack channels etc. to see if there are algorithmic learnings emerging from DESC, and/or steal their cool plots
    • KF will be giving a MetricTask presentation (& how to make it work for DRP) to Princeton Wednesday
    • John is looking for volunteers to look at Tim's QA tooling