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For the installation of the basic LSST packages, please check for additional requirements or known problems here:  and then follow a similar process to start the installation of the LSST build system. 

WarningNote: the instructions will tell you to run In the past we have warned you against running with the `-t` flag.  This , which enables installation of the software packages as binariesDM binary buildsThis process is not safe for lsst_sims.  It ships GalSim (an lsst_sims dependency) in an unusable state.  Please That is no longer a concern.  `lsst_sims` will build against DM binaries.  Feel free to run without the with `-t` flag as shown below.  You will then be installing from source, which can be time-consuming, but is more likely to leave you with a working version of lsst_simsenabled.

Code Block
cd ~/lsst
curl -OL
bash -3