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  1. Data Access Hangout 2014-11-24

    in Qserv) Next meeting next Monday, DM audio line for audio + google hangout for video meeting-notes data-access database … Date Attendees xiuqin roby gpdf zhang ktl jgates jammes jbecla Goals Discuss Data Archive related topics Discussion items Example urls
    Data ManagementNov 25, 2014
  2. Database and Data Access Meeting 2016-05-18

    to QServ logger ().  Sequencing releases to coordinate with QServ in process.  Working on memory management stuff as well. meeting-notes database data-access … on implementation.  Storage factorization. Vaikunth:  Progress cleaning up Kibana dashboard, now gets only nodes we care about.  Can adopt and do analysis on data
    Data ManagementMay 19, 2016
  3. Data Loading and Ingest at DM AHM 2015-02-11

    just change the location of images get all metadata / provenance from DRP internal db meeting-notes database data-access … of data (say 5%) to separate database and do SDQA there (that is not the final DRP production db). Then after SDQA done, load into final production DR
    Data ManagementFeb 19, 2015
  4. Database Meeting 2016-01-13

    output captured in JIRA and a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be published soon   meeting-notes database data-access
    Data ManagementJan 14, 2016
  5. MariaDB + Qserv Meeting 2016-03-01

    mechanics so MariaDB team can be paid for needed consulting/development work. meeting-notes data-access database mariadb … could get on plate for $). MyISAM Decompression Currently done redundantly each time a row is accessed. Monty asserts decompression overhead will be very
    Data ManagementMar 01, 2016
  6. Data Access Hangout 2014-12-08

    at slac will resume in early January if we need to, we will organize ad-hoc meeting next Tue   meeting-notes data-access … terminology need to realign terminology: "repo", "data set" etc in butler: data set = collection of rows (e.g. one file) IPAC, and in the proposed schema: data
    Data ManagementDec 10, 2014
  7. Data Access Hangout 2015-02-02

    wrote image cutout code for Ursa. Discuss all that at the DM-AHM Next meeting No 11:00 am hangout next week, because of AHM   meeting-notes data-access
    Data ManagementFeb 04, 2015
  8. Data Access Meeting 2015-04-06

    . to get some services from application layer that are not exposed through data access restful services ideally, it'd be best if in-memory python objects could …  for reference.    meeting-notes data-access add the link to current schema browser
    Data ManagementApr 06, 2015
  9. Data Access Meeting 2015-04-27

    before going to VO meetings Conclusion: need high level guidance from Jeff+Mario+K-T meeting-notes data-access
    Data ManagementApr 30, 2015
  10. Data Access Meeting 2015-07-13

    . Should be for code related to retrieving and serving data over http. Any other code that is generally useful and involves algorithms should be moved to afw meeting-notes data-access
    Data ManagementJul 14, 2015