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David's presentation on the verification datasets at the LSST2015 meeting.

Weekly Meeting

Wed 10-11am PT

Blue Jeans link: or

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Run large precursor datasets through the stack “end-to-end” and manually inspect the results.  Treat them as if we were going to do science on them.
Want datasets to test the stack in regimes of four primary science drivers:
  • Dark Energy / Dark Matter
  • Solar System
  • Transients
  • Milky Way
Want datasets to test two main categories of data products:
  • Level 1, Alert Production (difference imaging, transients)
  • Level 2, Data Release Production (deep stacks, “static” sky)
Want datasets taken in different environments (e.g. crowded/sparse regions, good/bad seeing, etc.).
We need multiple datasets since no existing survey spans all these regimes the way LSST will.

The Datasets


All of the public raw and CP-reduced DECam data can be downloaded from the NOAO Science Archive.

COSMOS field, PI: Dey (PropID: 2013A-0351)

  • Deep (~26 AB mag), 3 sq. deg., ugrizY
  • ~1500 images
  • All public
  • Lots of existing datasets and catalogs for reference

Bulge survey, PI: Saha (PropID:2013A-0719)

  • ugriz, 6 fields
  • ~3500 shallow frames (~700 per field), ~3500 deep frames (~7000 per field)
  • Crowded field, looking for variables
  • All public

Solar system objects, PI: Allen (PropID: 2013A-0724, 2013B-0536)

  • Covering large area, looking for solar system objects
  • ~3900 60s r-band images public so far

HiTS survey, PI: Forster (PropID: 2014A-0608, 2015A-0608)

  • Difference imaging, transients, SNe
  • ~2800 images of 40 fields going public in 2015B (almost all g) and more in 2016B
  • ~100-150s exposures, most g (~7000) and r (~1000)
  • ~50 fields, ~30-40 epochs per field

SMASH survey, PI: Nidever (PropID:2013A-0411,2013B-0440)

  • Deep, ~24.5 mag, ugriz
  • 180 fields, ~30 frames per field
  • Magellanic Clouds and periphery
  • Crowded and sparse fields
  • Stripe82 data, useful reference field with good astrometry and photometry from SDSS
  • Eventually want to run the full dataset through the stack


CFHT Lensing Survey

  • Deep, ~25 mag, ugriz, 154 sq. deg
  • Good for weak lensing
  • To be run by our French colleagues at IN2P3 (Dominique Boutigny et al.)
  • The stack is already set up to run on CFHT data



  • Very good seeing, very deep (deeper than 10yr LSST)
  • Telescope/camera similar to LSST
  • Won't be publicly available until March 2016
  • The stack is already set up to run on HSC data

LSST Simulations

  • Still need to figure out what we want/need
  • But important to test that the stack is ready for LSST data

Twinkles Project

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