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Major Objectives for 2015


Update data sets: bright stars, new galfast, (new galaxies?)

Complete the uncertainty functionality in postions/fluxes

Demonstrate we can ingest arbitrary data sets

Complete the CCD pixel prediction

PCA and speed optimization

Variability rework


Complete integration of galsim with catalogs (sky background - from opsim, rotation angle of telescope)

Parallelization of galsim

Validation of the PSF classes 

Investigate sensor effects for galsim


Complete the new sky model - add twilight (forward prediction model)


  • Need photodiode data (zero points)
  • All except twilight
  • Then transparency

integrate with catsim/opsim 

add cloud (this is an open question of how to implement cloud)


Complete the filter change (april 7th)

Reference run to Zeljko (Monday)

Complete refactoring to modular design (development path)

-- DDS eval (Michael)

-- extract scheduler

-- modularize the scheduler (constraints  specification)

-- Telescope model will be the initial design (one model for opsim and T&S)

-- simple scheduler information (ajc)

Prep for workshop

Rolling cadence Tier 2s (+others?)+

Cloud hosting (ajc) for TIer 1's

SRD metrics (email out the srd/science list and which have defined constraints)

Temporal constraint



communication testing

simple filter for esper

cutouts generation

cutouts transmition

inclusion of new sim developement(s) (permanent one - always in progress)





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