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  • September 19th 2014
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Attendees: chuck, george, kem, scott, simon, chris, lynne, peter, srini, tony, darko, michael 
 Goto Meeting  ID  821-177-359
1. Lynne will present and demo the web-based viz tools for MAF 

Anything more needs to be developed?
  • Kem - tabular completeness data? Lynne - in summary stats  (i.e. done)
  • do people will want access to the table? Peter - could provide link to data in tables   (UW will add)
  • can't do side by side plots currently (do it with tabs) (this is version 2 of viz layer .. i.e., not to be done yet)
  • Put link to data on the plotting page (UW - done).
  • Another layer of grouping on page of opsim runs (have categories of the analysis: sstar/cadence etc)
    • Srini - this is classified in the run log
  • add sort by date (maf and opsim)   (UW will do)
  • all filters in one histogram (different colors per line)  (capability is there – we've added for many metrics, but for further changes, Cathy/Kem will do). 

How do we make this persist (opsim serves the data). Will it just be a big list
  •  question for opsim to discuss at future meetings
  • You can create multiple tracking databases and browser plots using different ports
2. We will walk through the next 4 months of task priorities - the list is available at

 Development Plans Fall 2014
Convert SPIE papers to refereed journal papers. Current leads will email ajc about timeframe to complete the papers.
Kem will start work on LSE-190 so Francisco has time for the refactoring design
ACTION - ajc will contact Vanderbilt, Abi Saha (for Antares) and Veljko et al about the fact that will all be working on event brokers (so they know about each other and can coordinate)
Kem - should we move the telecon
ACTION - ajc will send out a Doodle poll to see if 9am works
Ran out of time:

3. Calibration  data for phosim

4. DD ghosts
Call in number: 866 330 1200
Code: 518 2287#
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