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  • September 12th 2014
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Attendees: chris, chuck, george, ajc, jim, lynne, peter, scott, simon, cathy, Tony
1. Action items from last week
ACTION - ajc will follow up with Steve, Iain and Victor about community mailers and who runs them. 
 - NOAO will handle the mailing lists
ACTION - we need a timeline to understand who are the customers for these effects. DM is thinking about this later but will want to work with ensuring the algorithm is appropriate 
 ajc  will talk with Mario about this

ACTION - Cathy will find out if we there machines can host the runs and visualizations 
Cathy is waiting on meeting with srini to confirm but it  seems it is possible

ACTION - Simon will respond to Josh about galaxy sizes.
Followed up with him - sizes are hard to compare (as we have discovered before). We need to standardize on sizes with and without noise. Who will take this on? We need DESC (probably WL or LSST) to work on this. Simon will attend the next WL working group meeting to ask about it.

2. Report from  the OCS review - Kem
Material is on the website. Charge was to review the interfaces of OCS with telescope and site, DM, camera. Review started with an introduction then overview of OCS requirements (it was said that these requirements flowed down from the SRD but non of the subtle science requirements was addressed). Opsim has 5 fewer weeks of downtime (over 10 years) than in the design. Reviewers noted differences between the camera and T&S numbers in some documents. Scheduler questions from reviewers were about TOO observing. Dave Mills presented on service abstraction layer and DDS.  Statement made that interfaces are under continuing development. Srini spoke about agile process. Paul Lotz talked about component based development. Pressure on us to get DDS working in OpSim. 2017 scheduler gets integrated into OCS. Report out: concerns about the ICDs and their maturity. 

George - charge was not written to be pass/fail more to identify what work needs to be done. Committee concerned about interfaces and documentation. Presentation included I FTE for scheduler development. Fair amount of work suggested by committee. 

Scheduler development is led by Francisco. Can we move ahead with design of OpSim parts and schedule a review. Kem will talk with Francisco about this. 

News on the hire - offer next week.

3. Generating color images and image mosaics using cat_utils code (ajc)
 Goto Meeting  ID  821-177-359
4. Updates from CatSim, OpSim, MAF, PhoSim
MAF: new sprint under way
OpSim: planning out the design for opsim refactoring and finishing off SSTAR conversion
CatSim: current sprint is clean up work
Phosim: no attendance
 DESI review: ajc was at DESI CD-1 and described the status and progress.

Call in number: 866 330 1200
Code: 518 2287#

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