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M1M3 Thermal FE Model Validation

Reference material

M1M3 Substrate Bending Modes (Document-15312)

Bending Mode Generation for use with Interferometer Data Analysis (Document-16221)

M1M3 Shape in Surface Sag and Surface Normal (Document-16390)

M1M3 Null Test Data Reduction Pipeline (Document-17912)

Input data

M1M3 surface figure measurements with forces and thermal couple readings, from Steve West. (1.6GB)


Read in info from h5 files and fit to (Annular) Zernikes (by Bo)


Thermal finite element model

  1. Import existing Nastran FEM into ANSYS
  2. Validate the imported model by generating bending modes (repeat Ed's procedure)
  3. Interpolate temperature data and calculate corresponding surface shapes for the data set Ed already used
  4. Fit Zernikes to M1 shape deviation due to thermal deformation

Data extraction

  1. Extract optical test results and polishing error maps from h5 files
  2. Fit Zernikes to surface measurements


Gravitational deformation

  1.  Extract force errors from the h5 files
  2. Estimate surface shapes through the bending  modes
  3. Fit Zernikes to surface shapes








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