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  • LSST-GalSim Meeting May 19-20, 2016
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Location: SLAC 


George Angeli

Andrew Connolly

Mike Jarvis

Rachel Mandelbaum (by phone)

Josh Meyers

Aaron Roodman

Michael Schenider

Chris Walter

Bo Xin

Andy Rasmussen 


LSST Overview: Actuators, Perturbations, Controls, and Metrics

Linear optical model for a large ground based telescope

Simulation needs for Data Management

Sensor Models and Validation

GalSim Overview

Action items:

  • Aberration modeling
    • Check the accuracy of the assumption of linearity in the sensitivity matrix
      • Bo will give Aaron and Michael the sensitivity matrices he has derive
      • Michael will interpolate to a new position see if his predicted values are “better” (better means doesnt impact the PSSN by more than 10-3)
    • Compare the Galsim wavefront sensor simulations 
      • Michael will compare the wavefront images using the LSST Zemax model (from Aaron) 
      • Once this comparison is complete Bo will provide Michael zemax images and the zernicke coefficients and Michael will compare
  • Optical model
    • Provide GalSim with spider description (either from phosim or the latest model) and post on confluence page
  • Atmospheric modeling
    • Josh validate his model comparing against Arroyo, looking at structure function, dependence on screen size
    • Provide Josh with the distributions for the wind velocities and directions, CN2 (either from phosim or somewhere else)
    • Possible to use Josh's work to validate effects of assuming photon based approach for the atmosphere (after it is validated) but recognizing that phosim has done many of these tests
  • Galsim sensor API

  • Whiteboard photo of Michael's atmospheric effects implementation comparison




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