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  • January 21, 2015
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Kim Chang
Chris (Brittney’s student)

Opsim sprints are in construction.  Opsim will start early Friday.  
Start next sprint on Wed.  

Have we started next workflow?  Cathy still talking to Frossie.

Are we planning for 1 sprint across all sims?  
Planning to put Phosim, MAF, Opsim, Catalogs in one project.  
Opsim JIRA board needs to be slightly changed since they were using components to organize things.

Frossie wants to switch workflow, then combine components into single sims.
Hopefully get new workflow by Wednesday

Opsim Tier 1 status:
Running opsim 3.2.1.  Having trouble getting MAF to run different slicers.  Kem has an improved config file that should improve the tier 1 runs. Lynne will run MAF on an example to speed things up so installing on OpsimCVS is not a blocker.

Scott and Simon finalizing eups install stuff.  

Sky Model:
Made throughput curves for Canon filters
Nice new paper just came out doing color transforms between Canon and BVRI
Ken mentions there might be an ESO twilight spectra database

Alerts: Work plan for next quarter
    communication with comet to do independent testing of format
     testing of speed and comparison of different protocols
     publishing code in sims/DM format
     installing ESPER and testing communication with alertsim
     generating cutouts (phosim/galsim??)
     inclusion any new developement in variable star/galaxy class (i.e. SN...) if feasible..

There were some changes in catalog db code.  
dbObject —> catalogDBobject.  Hurray, Scott has documentation for this!
Database Object classes in the Catalogs Simulation Framework
There will be some more changes for the opsim 3.61
One task is to put all the alerts code into stash or github.

Many would like a quick intro to the alerts work.

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