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  • Installing sims (lsst stack) on edison at NERSC
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This was pretty straight forward.  The only issues were:

  1. edison does not have CA certificates in a standard location on the login nodes
  2. cc is not removed from the path and does not function when the PrgEnv-gcc module is used
  3. I found that the PYTHONPATH is set by default leading to unexpected behavior unless I cleared the PYTHONPATH before installing

Heres what I did:

  1. Create directories and setup environment:
    $> mkdir -p /project/projectdirs/m1727/lsst_edison/lsstStack/
    $> module swap PrgEnv-intel PrgEnv-gnu
    $> module load git
    $> setenv CC 'gcc'
    $> unsetenv PYTHONPATH
  2. Get anaconda and setup paths:
    $> cd /project/projectdirs/m1727/lsst_edison/
    $> curl -s -L -o 
    $> bash -b -p anaconda
    $> setenv PATH ${PWD}/anaconda/bin:$PATH
    $> setenv PYTHON `which python`
  3. Get CA certificate bundle.  The following is very insecure.  A better way to do this is probably to use another machine to download the certificate bundle and scp it to the cluster:
    $> wget --no-check-certificate
    $> setenv CURL_CA_BUNDLE $PWD/ca-bundle.crt
  4. Get the installer and start the installation:
    $> cd lsstStack
    $> curl -O
    $> bash
  5. Get the rest of the stack
    $> source loadLSST.csh
    $> eups distrib install lsst_sims -t sims


Important Note: This installed the v8.0 stack, but turned up a bug in afw that causes a segfault in one of the unit tests.  I will track that down, but until it's fixed this stack is not usable.

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