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  • HPC (SLAC) cluster tests for OpSim
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A few simulations were run on the HPC (SLAC) machines to see the speed improvements. Following is the output for the xxl run on bullet.

Job <> was submitted from host <rhel6-64d> by user <schandra> in cluster <slac>.
Job was executed on host(s) <bullet0077>, in queue <xxl>, as user <schandra> in cluster <slac>.
</u/de/schandra> was used as the home directory.
</u/de/schandra/LSST/opsim/src> was used as the working directory.
Started at Fri Apr 25 10:38:19 2014
Results reported on Fri Apr 25 18:52:23 2014

Your job looked like:

# LSBATCH: User input

Successfully completed.

Resource usage summary:

   CPU time :               26209.96 sec.
   Max Memory :             913 MB
   Average Memory :         826.23 MB
   Total Requested Memory : -
   Delta Memory :           -
   (Delta: the difference between Total Requested Memory and Max Memory.)
   Max Swap :               1283 MB
   Max Processes :          3
   Max Threads :            4

Unfortunately this run finished in the middle. 

mysql> select count(*) from ObsHistory where Session_sessionID=1003;

| count(*) |
|   354431 |
1 row in set (0.05 sec)

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