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  • Development Plans Fall 2014
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Development Highlights for Fall 2014



  • Write up the simulation framework codes into papers: papers will be based off the SPIE versions (ie expanded). This would provide a set of refereed papers for opsim, catsim, maf that people can cite.


  • Sky Model
    • Start with Chuck's data and generates sky variations as a function of time
    • Evaluate ESO model
  • Calibration sims (as needed)
  • Community support of MAF
  • Dust maps
    • Implement in healpix (update photutils)



  • Solar system
    • Implement solar system metric
  • Visualization
    • Freeze the current web interface and then give to Cathy to write more opsim development metrics and plots
    • Mozilla work on iteractive viz
    • Nan-Chen work on collaborative viz


  • Complete catsim clean up
  • Implement variability model
  • Implement footprint model in catsim then MAF


  • Finish bulge star density evaluation and write up (internal report then paper)
  • Finish PCA on stars/galaxies and implement for cats and phosim (write up as a paper)



  • Finalize what functionality needs to be in MAF to replace SSTAR
  • Learn to write metrics and implement any required metrics for opsim in MAF
  • Implement new plots in MAF required for evaluation of Tier 1 runs


  • Generate a breakdown of tasks for the refactoring of opsim to produce telemetry data and to modularize the scheduler component
  • Produce a design for the OCS/Opsim framework and submit for design review (including libraries, data structures, api and methodology for the communication)
  • Start the refactoring


New Hire

  • Learn the opsim code base and LSST tools
  • Work with Francisco and support the OCS/Scheduler development plan



  • LSE-190, Scheduler Requirements.
  • Scheduler experts workshop
  • Evaluate Tier 1 and rerun if necessary



  • Event Broker
    • Generate small number of diasources based on variability (nominal catalog vs time specific catalog) - base off
    • Create initial voevent package and broadcast locally for the brightest sources (small numbers)
    • Visualize output (e.g. distribution on sky) using existing voevent tools
    • Modify the output parameters for the catalogs to reflect the object schema (or diasource schema) that DM expects


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