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  • Camera Replacement April 10 2016
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Christopher Stubbs and Daniel Rothchild made servicing trip April 8,9,10 2017, to fix the fact that camera had been offline for an extended period. 

Following tasks were done:

  • replaced Mac Mini 
  • replaced Canon camera
  • acrylic dome cleaned on the outside
  • replaced disk drives
  • replaced Canon power supply and USB cable to computer
  • installed remotely controllable power strip with
    • computer on outlet 1
    • camera on outlet 2
    • ADS-B power on outlet 3
  • the power strip is plugged into our UPS device. 
  • static IP address for mac mini computer is, power strip is User allsky. cat4apple.

Turns out we think the problem was the USB cable. 

Tests on April 9,10 showed that both Canon camera and ADS-B receiver are working well. 

We removed the accelerometer and are taking it back to Boston


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