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  • AHM 2014 - Exploiting PhoSim for DM Algorithm Development
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Attendees [You can add your name here if you are planning on attending]

  • Chris Walter

  • John Peterson

  • Robert Lupton
  • Kirk Gilmore
  • Zeljko Ivezic


There is a lot of work going on both on simulating sensor effects and on the algorithms to correct for them. Much of this work is outside of DM, but the algorithms will inform DM and results from DM processing will feed back into algorithm development and simulation fidelity. What is the process for directing the feedback between the Camera, DM and simulation teams as we begin to study the impact of these effects on science measurements?


Time ItemWho
 10Listing and explanation of current physical effects in PhoSim including overview of current work by peoplepeterson_phosim_sensor.pptxJ. Peterson
 10What laboratory data is available SensorParameters.dkg.8.12.14.pdf
Are there items that are needed in simulations that do not have a corresponding lab measurement? (i.e. we should cross compare the lists)
K. Gilmore
 10Are our current models good enough? What about other models of physical sensor effects outside of Phosim?  Should we incorporate them or use them differently?A. Rasmussen


- For various sensor effects can we *correct* for them before measurement, or must we *account* for them as part of the measurement?

- How do we ensure that we do not trivially correct for effects we put in with simulation with the same algorithms during measurements?

J. Bosch
 15What is the structure of DM and how and where should we technically accomplish dealing with these effects?R. Lupton
 5Going forward what is the most effective way for simulations/camera/DM people to work together on this and related subjects (Possible proposal for Special Interest Groups).R. Lupton
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