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Attendees : ajc, Jim C, Joanne, Kem, Scott, Simon, Srini, Debbie, Richard, Stephen, Chris, Peter, George, Heather, Seth

  • phosim to stash and keeping cgit
    • cgit refreshes once an hour
    • transition Friday 5.30pm (PST)

  • breakouts for the all-hands (see George's priority list)
    • All of the current requests are important and should be scheduled
    • PhoSim Applications for Wavefront Sensing & Optical Performance-- 2 hours
    • PhoSim Applications for Sensor Simulations--   2 hours
    • PhoSim Science Applications and User Tutorial--  3 hours (w/ break)
    • Exploiting PhoSim for Data Management Algorithm Development-- 2 hours
    • Merged cloud and sky model to a single meeting
    • Cadence workshop (starts before plenary - Monday at 9am): Sessions for all breakouts except main plenaries of the workshop. Need to be careful with the sky model session. 

  • documentation
    • Report from Steve Kent was that the documents and install in structures could do with a clean up
    • conflicting documents referring to pages that don't exist
    • phosim in best shape 
    • We should clean up confluence to represent the work we have done over the last few months (do we need a separate space for this?) 
      • Should schedule this in a future sprint (for all groups)

  • AOB
    • DESC meeting breakouts are independent of the all hands breakouts


Proposals for SE Breakouts v1.pdf

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