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  • 8 January, 2017
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Ideas for things we want to accomplish at Joint Technical Meeting:

  • Kem emphasized that he would like more contact with the camera team to make sure OpSim is properly simulating things. Maybe an OpSim + Camera breakout for updates and plans on how to stay in sync in the future
  • Getting Elahe up to speed on the relevant OpSim code
  • Lynne may be skipping
  • Chris may only be able to make part of the meeting

Update on the DESC data challenge.

  • Simulating 4 fields over 10 years, using galsim and phosim to generate images.
  • Being led by large scale structure group
  • adding rotational and spatial dithering to minion_1016
  • Josh Myers did a study showing the current rotational dithering was not sufficient. We should invite him to present at a meeting, and get his MAF code.
  • Michael is ready to run scripts to modify minion_1016 for them

No plans made for post JTM hack day since Fransisco was unable to attend.

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