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  • 4th October Simulations Meeting
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4th October Simulations Meeting

Goal: walkthrough of presentations for FDR SysEng breakout to make sure we cover the right material and that there is a consistency between the presentations.



FDR slides:

Overall comments:

  • Remember it is not a technical review and focuses on cost and schedule so deliverables and timelines are important
  • Think about what is the bottom line message on each slide and write that on the slide
  • Simplify the slides and have more slides (ie 1 min per slide) rather than putting too much on a slide

 FDR Presentations:

Needs a title

Start with what are we using simulations for in the project

Overview of the tools available

    • add mention of framework for catalogs -> images

Describe the deliverables and when they will be delivered

    • have a back up slide on man power and schedule
    • needs input from telescope and commissioning into time line for their development
    • tie to yearly development of DM and camera etc

Note when each system was reviewed

Motivate the usage at the beginning with project needs

Include a description of dust model and tie to LSST

Plots of distributions

    • describe use cases for these distributions
    • these cases should mention science but be project based: sizing models, shape noise, sensitivity, density of guide stars, density of saturated stars, calibration (e.g. color distributions), moving objects and fidelity of positions for testing MOPS, high density stellar fields and deblending
    • pick two cases and have the rest as backup slides
    • reference SRD requirements and tie it to the measurements

Emphasis is risk reduction so this is about validation of algorithms

Drop affiliation from intro slide

Dont separate out student contributors 

Slides 5-7 are busy

    • put words on figures and add, in words, the message that should be taken away from each slide

Increase the number of slides if the slide gets busy and hard to follow (eg slide 5)

Try to convey flow of information through the system in the slide

Put validation after slide with all of the psfs 

    • make charge diffusion -> charge diffusion and transport

Have atmosphere validation as a backup

    • include reference to team of experts for atmosphere

  • OpSim.ppt (Saha)

Use the official template and make it shorter (20mins with questions)

Describe the goals of opsim (maximize science programs simultaneously, develop a validated scheduler)

Start with a lay-man's description of how opsim works (e.g. telescope parameters, weather, science cadences) and its output

Less of the software objects and details and more use cases and how it ties to project needs

Describe universal cadence and deep fields to show you can to cadence trade studies

Simplify SSTAR to just include figures and results

    • drop dithering discussion as included in the intro

Describe number of runs done with opsim and its successes

    • defining the field of view of the telescope
    • understanding impact of readout time

Describe missing functionality in terms of a roadmap for development and delivery

    • tie this to the project delivery schedule



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