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  • 4th April 2014
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Attending: ajc, john, kem, debbie, jim, richard, cathy, scott, kirk, peter
Action items:
  • can we still have cgit with stash
  • post commit hooks to have check in messages sent to an email list (before April 14th)
  • reproduce camera geometry with fix

Sign-off on camera geometry

  •  Mismatch between phosim geometry and electronics and camera team documents (minus sign in segmentation file). Current geometry definition in docushare, interface to DM is through phosim segment files. Not a clear definition of where the interface should be or who should use what. John's scripts that generate the segment files seem to be the de facto interface but are not part of phosim. 
  • Jim - configuration should be in git and in the camera area. Agreement that we need to better define the interface and have a coherent system for managing these parameters (probably under system engineering). Richard: LSE 130 defines interface between camera and DM (need to correlate with that)


Feedback on Stash experiments

  • Chris - can do own personal area for pull requests
  • John - wants cgit interface to quickly browse through to specific code (tarred up tagged versions etc)
  • Benefit of stash is its Github interface - ability to comment on code and communicate about code
  • can we email notice of commits - with post hooks
  • Email seemed preferred to messaging a chat room
  • Stash does NOT change any git interactions - conversion will just be a  change in the remote origin

Introduction of PhoSim Users Group. PhoSim-USer-Concept-SimsApril4th.pdf for a detail description

  • Debbie and Kirk are looking for feedback on who would be interested in such a group, and what they'd like it to focus on
    how big is the user group that you think you will be in (will start small with 10 people) 
  • ajc - use stash to mange any code branches as it will make it easier to cherry pick changes
  • Chris - we are doing some of this with the phosim discussion. Can we just make one of those meetings a users/science meeting and consider expanding this effort to the whole of simulations
  • Debbie - definitely catsim and possibly later on other simulation efforts.

Call in number: 866 330 1200
code: 518 2287#
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