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This week we heard updates about ongoing activities in the general community. 

Scott Daniel reported on his week at the Future Sky Surveys and Big Data conference ( This conference was intended to welcome and kick start South Korean participation in LSST. We had some discussion of detecting asteroid collisions with LSST, which was one of the areas some participants were interested in. Scott gave a presentation on the various sims capabilities. 

Lynne Jones and Peter Yoachim talked about the observing strategy whitepaper and its rapid progress ( towards a publishable giant-size paper. The LSST internal publications review board should be getting this paper soon. Many people have worked very hard and looked at various subsets of the Tier1 (and the Tier2 Normal Galactic Plane) opsim runs – they're making good use of Opsim outputs and MAF. Peter is also going through a process to upgrade our astrometry metric (in particular DCR-parallax factor metrics) to meet Dave Monet's standards.



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