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Meeting notes for Sims telecon, December 3rd 2014:


Attending: ajc, scott, michael, george, darko, veljko, brittany, cathy, lynne, kem, simon

1. Update on the transient detection simulation and broker - Darko and Veljko

  • Using VOEvent to represent the alerts and generating a event server and clients that can receive the events (this was demo'd). Would like to have UCDs included in the database (i.e. column names) to feed into the event broker. 
  • Prototype done and will integrate the software into Stash/github 

2. Feedback from the OpSim session in Seattle (what worked, what didnt) - all

  • Lots of positive feedback on the session. A lot of work completed (plans for the configuration of OpSim, release of v3.2 etc)
  • Michael: learned a lot, presentations were good. Had to dive in to eups for the initial task so could have done with more detail on that aspect of the code. Had issues with laptop to get the stack built (hardware issues). Would have liked more detail on MAF
  • ajc: running these every 3 months is something we should do. We can then have sessions build upon one another to cover topics in more detail. George says he thinks he has the funds for this.
  • Kem: cleaned up a lot tasks and removed a lot of obsolete files and parameters. Useful just to see how things work in detail
  •  Scott: good to see opsim and how it works
  • Simon - Might be good to dive into DM processes more next time

    Need to define next meeting (March - NOAO meeting then)

3. Plans for the next month of work (what is the progress relative to our plans from the start of the Fall) - all 

4. AOB

Development Plans Fall 2014




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