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  • 30th May 2014
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Attendees : Abi, John, Monet, Cathy, ajc, Scott, Peter, Lynne, Kem, George, Bo, Kirk, Debbie, Richard

1. Agenda's for DESC and All-Hands are available  (see attached). Please check for conflicts (eg people needed at your session will likely be required at a competing session) and for  areas that we might combine with other groups.

DESC Meeting

  • Abi or SteveR will attend the meeting to represent opsim and scheduler
  •  Chris: we need to present the opsim->catalogs->phosim  capabilities (ajc will add that to the SN2 session) DONE
  • High level description of MAF - big picture overview needs to come across
  • We have coverage of all of the sessions



Access to LSST documents using the URL shortener will access docushare

All hands meeting

  • Tuesday:
    • Chris will coordinate the #26, #18, and #27 sessions (about sensors)
    • John will ask Glenn to attend #50
    • ajc recommends attending #30 and #42 (tools for viz and debugging of code)
  • Wednesday:
    • We need an opsim, phosim, catsim representative at #3 (Sys Eng database) and #5 (Cerro-Pachon sky)
    • John will attend #52 (wavefront sensing)
    • ajc recommends attending #53 and #34 (DM stack boot camp) 
  • Thursday:
    • #20 (developing opsim) is an opsim and scheduler meeting
    • We will merge science usage of phosim and recipes into #17
    • Transient meeting is being moved so we may not need to move #20


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