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  • 29th October 2014
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Meeting notes for Sims telecon, Oct 29 2014:


Peter Yoachim, Cathy Petry, Chris Walter, Chuck Claver, Scott Daniel, Simon Krughoff, Jim Chiang, Kem Cook, Monet, Darko, Veljko, George

Status updates:

Opsim:  Requirements docs in progress.  sqlite on hold for Srini for administrave issues.  Tier 1 re-runs waiting for 3.2 release.

MAF replacing SSTAR:  Getting more feedback from Cathy today.  For the most part good to go.

Catsim:  Expanding unit tests.  Next big thing is interface with galsim. Lighter faster way to simulate images.

Phosim:  Nothing new recently.


Best practices for bringing people up to speed.

     His early work will be on Opsim simulator.  Putting DDS protocol into opsim os it looks like the final schedular.  Development issues for look ahead. Make the code deterministic.

     Should we put together a "Hack Week" project?  

     Kem will be up and run through Opsim in service.

     Kem and Cathy will start up a Confluence page to put together an agenda for the week of the 17th.

     DM has a confluence page for bringing new people up to speed. Sims could look for inspiration and basic procedures.  


Hope by mid December we will know we are moving to github.  DM will move, makes sense for others to follow.  Frossie will move an example sims repo by ~Dec 10.  


Left over questions for Brittany:

     What are the outcomes?

           recommendations for how to support data science at the University

           research looking at interactions in large collaborations


Simon:  In Jira, sims doesn't have a review thing like DM.  From issue, can't tell who review is.  Catsim doesn't seem to have the same review things enabled.





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