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  • 29th April 2015
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Attending: ajc, Scott Daniel, Peter Yoachim, Michael Reuter, Darko, Cathy Petry, Kem Cook, Rahul Biswas, Simon Krughoff, Veljko, Chris Walter, Simon, Bryce, Lynne Jones, George

  • Github (what are the additional features that we need) - Michael
    • Github allows 5000 requests an hour but limits email generation (unknown) this tripped a number of times 
    • branch from JIRA only thing outstanding
    • github branch is known to the ticket
    • interface ugly anyone working on this - can find sims stuff by using teams
    • Michael will walkthrough the issue, github, submit, merge next week
      • should we delete branches on merge
  • Workshops and cadence optimization - Andy
    • hampton inn - all stay there  (closest) 
    • sent data to Bob Vanderbei to start cadence optimization discussion (uses airmass 1.4 not airmass of 1.5) 
  • Catsim - Scott
    • refactoring the database with new security
    • demo the new access model next week or week after
  • Opsim - Kem
    • Francisco with sequence diagrams
    • Michael buried with github transition
    • Have tier 1 all running and loaded 
    • Issue with access from NOAO problematic - need to have at UW or cloud
    • baseline cadence - enigma_1189 
    • rolling for UK workshop - start of next week
  • Sky model - Peter
    • wants units on Chuck's data
    • predicting twilight from Chris' data
    • refactoring and will have things update
  • Alert Sim - Darko
    • Refactoring of the code base
  • Rahul 
  • Kem - should we worry about chip gaps now we can model the chip
    • include vignetting and chip gaps
    • important for the NEO and asteroids
  • Chip gap functionality

LSST all hands


Dear LSST Colleagues,


Registration is now open for the LSST 2015 Project and Community Workshop which will take place at the KITSAP Conference Center in Bremerton, WA, the week of August 17, 2015.  Meetings of Project Teams will be concentrated during the first half of the week, followed by a Cadence Workshop of interest to the broader science community toward the end of the week. 


The overall meeting website is here:


The LSST Cadence Workshop:


Registration ($50/day) here:


(As a reminder to Project Personnel, all travel on LSST Project Funds must be pre-approved and flights booked through LSST Travel Administrator Laurie Thomas.)


On behalf of the LSST Project Office,


Steve, Victor, and Zeljko



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