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  • 28th March 2014
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Attending: ajc, simon, kem, chris, lynne, srini, cathy

1. Opsim is now in stash what testing do we need before moving other repos (what training is needed)

  • Walked through stash usage and access to the system
  • Walked through pull requests
  • Questions: what if there are no reviewers, can we have default reviewers (can they be reassigned)
  • Use MAF as a guinea pig  (done and access available to everyone)
  • Repo branch: how many people should review, can I self review, how much burden on the reviewers this is all possible and configurable for each repo
  • Chris suggests pull and rebase for branches (see introduction to git). clone, create branch, do work, pull --rebase (rewrites history so my changes are on top of previous changes), commit and push so history is sequential, 
  • Question: where to put personal repos (as a project under top level of stash)?
  • see git tutorial for an intro to git

2. Defining groups and user access

  • readonly access without login
  • read/write access for jira-users at  project level 
  • Permissions for read/write can be done at the repo level

3. Branching models. Please take a look at to see if we want to implement something like this or for a more ticket based system





Call in number: 866 330 1200
code: 518 2287#
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