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  • 28th January 2015
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 attending: scott, kem, peter, veljko, darko, michael, brittany, meg, chris, simon, rahul, cathy

This week we will focus on work for the DESC meeting next week

  • who is attending?
    • ajc (Sun - Fri), scott (Mon-Fri), Rahul (Mon-Fri), Simon (Mon-Sat), Bryce (Sun-Fri)
  • presentations that we will present (Bryce, Scott, Simon)
    • Bryce presentations applyIGM.pdf  colorColor.pdf
      • IGM: need figures of the IGM spectrum and how it changes the colors, show how to implement, timeframe for incorporating it (hack day to do this to design new db and generate colors), in phosim?
      • Color: need to add noise to the Galacticus plots (separate set), need to determine how we compare the distributions, why is it stratified (why)
  • what sessions do we need attendance at (see details below)

and the JIRA rework

  •  are there any issues with the catsim move?
    • catalogs, opsim moved. Any issues
    • Peter - have next sprint queued up 
    • Cathy - one sprint or lots of different ones. ajc - one sprint
    • Michael - assignees disappeared (everything else)
    • Create a 2 week sprint for everyone (close old sprints)
    • Teams are now in teams now need to view the team field (in the right hand edit box)
    • Carried over existing sprints
    • naming conventions - start date sprint

opsim refactoring review next week?



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