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  • 25th April 2014
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Attending: Attending: Simon, Chris, Abi, Srini, Peter, Scott, Chuck, Cathy, Richard, MWV, John, Kem, Andy, George, Jim, Steve, Tony, Kirk, Knut
Action for this week:
  • ajc will ask DM about a session at DESC meeting on DM approaches to sensor properties and phosim
  • all will come up with proposed sessions for the all-hands meeting


Actions from last week:
  • Move catsim to stash - not done but aim to have this complete today
  • John will provide phosim developer names and we will provide stash user accounts - DONE

HipChat: available to sims group to sign up

  • works with other chat clients (e.g. adium)
  • can create rooms for sim specific chats
  • all chats logged and searchable

Tagging of catsim and move to stash

  • Simon can tag it today and move to stash today
  • Srini, Peter, Lynne no problems with using stash so far

Phosim developers all have access to confluence etc

Cadence workshop (Knut)

  • Detailed notes posted to confluence under simulations
  • Workshop goals are to discuss metrics and cadences for the LSST (LSST/NOAO)
  • During the all-hands meeting
  • Want to define metrics and impact of opsim runs and cadences on these metrics
    • Plenary talks: background talks, how do we weigh science cases to define the cadence etc
    • MAF tutorial - Tuesday
    • Breakouts topic are listed in the detailed proposal
    • MWV - how much time for the workshop, how to coordinate with the meetings at the all-hands
      • Knut: Tuesday, Wed, Thur afternoons - this will be the only community workshop at the all-hands
      • Planned for 50-80 people, have 3 breakout leads currently and asking more
      • Dry run 9-10 June (have break leads or their proxies attend this)
    • Will come up with a staffing plan of who from opsim needs to support this

All hands meeting

  • Time to plan out what breakouts we will need (next simulations meeting)


DESC meeting 17-19 June

  • computing breakouts
    • user center proposal for the DESC
    • data challenge 2017-2018 and for com cam commissioning
  • phosim sessions
    • phosim power users meeting - expanded to two 1.5 hr sessions (8 speakers)
  • Software sessions
    • Analysis framework use cases


Aspen meeting on complementary probes July 20-August 9th


Call in number: 866 330 1200
code: 518 2287#
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