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  • 23rd May 2014
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Attendees : ajc, knut, simon, chris, debbie, kirk, george, jim, kem, knut, peter, srini, scott


1. Software tools: stash, confluence, jira, hip chat etc. We have transitioned to all of these. Are there any changes we want to make to the configurations. What are the irritations
    • Time outs are too short
    • link JIRA issue to chat (hip chat to JIRA and JIRA to hip chat)
    • Can't reply to a comment on a JIRA issue as a thread (e.g. can't reply to a previous comment and have the comment embedded or indented)
    • Can't assign points after a sprint has started
    • Want to link JIRA issue to chat (hip chat to JIRA or JIRA to hip chat)
    • When the session times out it throws and error and won't give you a link to long in or navigate to where you were (just says you are logged out)
    • can't link comments in JIRA with those in stash
    • logs out every 5s
    • Having issues with git pull 
    • Side by side diffs 
    • can't work in markup
    • tab doesnt always indent
    • JimC there is plugin that will let you insert wiki markup directly
    • Cathy would like a Gantt chart capability

2. Workshops: Cadence, DESC, All-hands status of simulation sessions
All hands
    • waiting on draft agenda for the breakouts.
Cadence Workshop
    • Knut registration is open:
    • breakout leads (8) in place and agenda is updated on the webpage. Monday morning for the training. Tuesday morning for plenaries 
    • DryRun
      • Peter - half dozen metrics, putting together the plenary talks
      • Monday tutorial walkthrough,  Tuesday morning talks walkthrough
      • Will share the material for the install, run and write metrics prior to the dry run (including with the breakout leads)
    • Simon wants to present the catsim framework. In touch with Katrin
    • Kirk will present on results out of using phosim 
    • Papers due before meeting. LSST pu board needs a week to approve them



    • Chuck and Srini attending to advertise LSST jobs




3. Updates from opsim, catsim, phosim on plans for the next month
    • Implementing multiple bandpasses and new SED libraries to extend the wavelength coverage of the catalogs
    • Adding photometric uncertainty based on sky model (and camera geometry) for calibration sims

    • Prepping for dry run
    • All of Zeljko's reruns of opsim done early next week
    • Working on what to observe if requirements are met and time is left in the survey
    • Rolling cadence simulations are being tested - examples will be done by dry run
    • Deep drilling runs are in testing
    • Working on presentation layer with MAF


    •  Bo is working on validating the perturbation model - updating the confluence page
    • AndyR agreed to provide the raw FEA data
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  1. Regarding markup mode in Confluence, you can enter markup text directly if you select 'Wiki Markup' from the Insert menu.  However, Confluence translates this to an internal format and the markup information is lost when you save the entry.  If you want to write something in markup text and be able to edit it again, then you need to use the 'Wiki markup without migration' macro, which is the very last one on the Other Macros list from the Insert menu.  A quick way to get it is to type '{wi'.  Confluence will then offer you a short list of macros matching that text.  The macro inserts an (invisible) frame into the page, and anything in the frame is interpreted as old Confluence markup text, and it stays that way.