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 at 9:30am PST

Tucson Location:  LSST Conference Room #27

Videocom: IP (Direct Dial)

Call 1-866-330-1200, Participant Number 518-2287#


  • Peter, Steve, Cathy, Kem, Andy, Michael, Scott.

Agenda and Notes

Revisit deep drilling field cadences for camera team (Kem & Lynne).  See

Deep Drilling Cadences (3/6/2015)

  • For the 5 'extragalactic' fields (DDCosmology1) the demand on the filter changes gets worse (2x as many visits as actually needed, because the wiki means exposures and in the code, exposures=visits)
  • filter change is stressed more with filter changes half the time (reduced # in DDCosmology1)
  • Deep drilling proposals will stress complete simulation because they are taking up all the filter changes by themselves.
  • extragalactic active over 10 years; others are not because there is no explicit enforcement of temporal uniformity.
  • (Steve) DD would like to have simultaneous visit in multiple filters - but that is not really what the LSST is designed for - there will be a tension between these two requirements.
  • Short term next steps is a code change implementing a temporal uniformity algorithm described in SPIE paper from last summer; Issue for Francisco (arr in Tus next week)
  •  What does camera team want for #visits / night?  Total number over 10 years during night is about what the total is now; but time between changes has to be 20 minutes. The two factors are total number + rapidity: total # is feasible but the rapidity will be hard to meet and is necessary for heat dissipation in the mechanism.
  • Andy - we would like to see their thermal model. /could we get impact of temperature on image quality or some similar measure? Kem - we can try.


What should the distribution of time be for various proposals (Zeljko if available, Kem, Lynne)?

  • Playing with backing off number of NES visits in 10 years.
  • 80% of the time is needed to complete the WFD design/design specs, so 20% is left - how should we distribute these among auxillary proposals in area or time (from NES to ??? where)
    • constant sampling in MW for microlensing
    • a lot of simulations with different balances - how to best do that?  Lynne? ZI? (increased # or visits or area suggestions)
    • mini-surveys (Steve)
    • better meet rolling cadence requirements? better temporal sampling, not necessarily deeper.

Temporal uniformity hack (see Francisco’s paper on algorithms).

  • do as a hack at Sims All Hands
  • implement weighting for temporal uniformity

MAF update.

  • We would like to include comparison to requested as well as design visits - can this be included for the release?
  • Lynne is correcting Nights in a Survey
  • some form of automated axis definition would be useful - perhaps scaling requested or design by nRun is a good start.


ops1 is up and running

  • Kem and Cathy to log in and see how it is functioning; VNC is very slow; but ssh is fast
  • Kem having issue with x11 forwarding
  • backup plan is verified: opsimcvs html dir + ops1 and ops2 users directories
  • test the ops1 DB speed by running a few runs (Kem)

Cadence Workshop Update - Thurs - Sat morning (2.5 days)

  • Outcomes
  1. More detailed descriptions of what metrics should be
  2. Start producing  document describing dcadence requirments of different communities (1 year - equivalent of road maps from DESC)
  • Andy suggests having a pre-workshop to train with MAF a month a head of time - strongly encourage people to come and learn capabilities of opsim and metrics (write pseudo-code / metrics they want).  Informed by what opsim and MAF can produced;  remote participants some subset of LSST 2015 (even if they don't want to write code they should understand capabilities and write pseudo code.
  • Present what are current metrics and what are results.


Review JIRA items (all).


Request/discussion for items for the obsim/scheduler glossary.

possible entries:





  • all to send in suggestions


Future meeting schedule:  day light savings time,  standup meetings.

  • Tucson will be impacted by Daylight Savings time.  This year Pacific Time is the standard.  
  • We will meet at least one more Friday meeting but after Simulations All Hands and Francisco moves to Tucson Kem would like to  move to 10-15 min Stand-ups per week in lieu of Friday am. Do on hipchat? hangouts? conference call? Mornings are best.


Michael will be flying in with family next Friday (won't be in the meeting).