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  • 2014-12-12 Meeting notes
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 at 9:30am PST

Tucson Location:  LSST Conference Room

Videocom: IP (Direct Dial)

Call 1-866-330-1200, Participant Number 518-2287#


Kem, Cathy, Michael, Simon, Lynne, Peter

Agenda & Notes

  1. OpSim & Extra changes
    1. Need a JIRA item for further discussion of how to combine versions which will do internal bookkeeping of runs
      1. Perhaps implement a flag for whether or not a run is logged to Mantis
      2. Set an environment variable to set opsim_hostname for Mantis Run Log (other fields?)
    2. For the time being - change the file to set the names; Lynne and Kem to talk about an interim fix, whether or not a bleed version is needed.
  2. OpSim & EUPS - status [Michael]:  needs someone other than him to sign off on, Cathy to test, then merge
  3. OpSim & Configuration file management [Michael]: going okay - base classes almost finished.  Will be implementing capability to be able to generalize collection in pairs or Nvisits with N_exposures with t_exposure per each.  Redo Filter factor - maybe address with DDS refactoring. Plan for rebuilding actual config files? Text files -> python files. We don't anticipate that pex config will limit design.  Translate from old to new system, then talk about how to improve things with the team to ensure we incorporate all functionality.
  4. Workflow changes [Cathy] - Will send the updated proposal to the imsim list
  5. JIRA notifications – how to get only the meaningful ones : Lynne asked for more specific examples of what is interesting and what is not.  Cathy will check out options in Notification Scheme.
  6. Proposal Tagging – Currently if ScienceType = “WFD”  or “ WFD, Rolling’ ” then only "WFD" is written to Config table by Opsim. But if we use “WFD,Rolling”, that would record the whole string. We agreed to use the former for now and also,  MAF can identify WFD from the string "universal" in the name.  Configuration files will contain ScienceType = "WFD, xxxx" and that will work with the next branch of MAF (space delimited will be mandatory).  Future versions can be made to handle multiple tags.
  7. Interim status of Sprint 16  [Kem]
    1. Michael to review v3.3 desired features on confluence page.
    2. VisitTime visitExpTime values - review what is needed to fix / change / straighten - maybe it would be most expeditious to include this change in a clean sweep of redefining variable exposure time  (right now values are wrong in the ObsHistory and right in the Summary table; but obsHistory is correct in sqlite3 and sql outputs).
  8. SSTAR -> MAF conversion [Cathy – Lynne – Peter] In Progress - will be done early next week
  9. Blockers for fall quarter items?  ( - reviewed on Wed.
  10. Planning for Spring quarter (e.g. deal with Serendipity)
    1. Start thinking about what needs to be done
    2. Francisco in TUS Jan 20-23; consider having a F2F in Tucson (at least Michael and Kem) the week after that.
  11. AOB
    1. Meeting Friday at UW during AAS in January:  Lynne not available on Friday; try to meet during the week?  Discuss next week.