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  • 2014-09-17 Meeting notes
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 at 10:30a PDT (10:30a MST)

Tucson Location:  LSST Conference Room

Videocom: IP (Direct Dial)

Call 1-866-330-1200, Participant Number 860-9352#


  • Kem, Cathy, Srini, Francisco, Andy


  • OCS Review Summary
  • Developer Hire
  • Development planning (see strawman proposal from last time, attached here)


Scheduling Workshop in Nov

  • could be entitled "OpSim Scheduler Algorithm Review":  is 'greedy' good enough? and what might be better?
  • get examples from other scientific cases about expressing scheduling requirements
  • Kem - contact invitees and assess availability for setting a date

New Developer Hire

  • Offer is being made

Design Review for Scheduler/Simulator - priority activity

  • Francisco is working on planning details on the OCS side after the OCS Review last week
  • detailing milestones for reshaping everything, some ICDs are not complete,
  • keeping things modular will enable evolution as telemetry is obtained from different sources
  • probably will generate documentation from SysML so requirements can be traced
  • in two weeks (on vacation next week), will have material to base a design review on - will send documents to lsst-opsim-dev.  This will be the topic for discussion at our Oct 1 meeting.
  • Scheduler Requirement Document (LSE-190 Draft) - there are many redundancies; Francisco will review and send out an annotated/edited version; we agreed that this document should be created from SysML entries so that requirements are traceable.

Other changes

  • Srini is planning palpy conversion in Sprint 13 (this sprint) (preserve hooks for planets & bright stars)

Database decision

  • We agreed to hold a broader discussion about which database platform should be used in the Simulator given our recent experience with implementing SQLite in OpSim.   Srini will create a confluence page with the pros and cons of both MySQL and SQLite and the performance or other numbers supporting these points.  This will be the topic of the OpSim Meeting, Wed, Oct 15 -  all interested parties should plan to attend.