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  • 2014-07-16 Meeting Notes
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Jul 16, 2014 @ at 10:30a PDT (10:30a MST)

Tucson Location:  LSST Conference Room

Videocom: IP (Direct Dial)

Call 1-866-330-1200, Participant Number 860-9352#


  • Cathy, Peter, Kem, Lynne, George, Simon, Steve, George, Andy


  • LSST2014 - logisitcs, travel, registration
  • Iain - production machine names, disk space for opsimblitz2
  • Sample SQLite files for Cadence Workshop
    • where will data be distributed from either internally (opsimcvs) or for the Workshop (Confluence, other?)
  • MAF workable replacement for SSTAR
    • SQLite conversion steps (2x2week sprints)
    • content review
  • Cadence Studies for Workshop
    • Current codebase consistency
    • RA Limit issues, nested subseq, 7 year failure


  • Iain's Corner
    • Will be changing the opsimblitz1 and opsimblitz2 names to ops1 & ops2; additional disk space will be added to opsimblitz2 (ops2)
    • will be upgrading all Atlassian products, then see how anonymous ssh is working
  • Cadence Workshop - 3 SQLite files
    • will be completed by end of today - script is running - opsimblitz1_1133 will be done first and made available at
    • Lynne and Peter will make any changes needed to process the new schema in MAF for the next release
    • complete conversion of the Simulator to SQLite will be completed by July 25 as planned
    • A process for coordinating schema changes in the Simulator and input scripts in MAF will be needed moving forward.
    • Tier 1 runs for the Cadence Workshop will either be run by this version of the codebase, or the "conversion script" can be used to modify them so they are ready for the Workshop; These runs will be analyzed by SSTAR and after modification, will be processed by MAF and analyzed.  These should be ready by the end of July and sooner if possible.
    • Steve will organize getting the dataset written to thumb drives
  • Cadence Workshop organizing
    • Steve reports that 110 people are signed up to attend the Cadence Workshop series and a significant fraction of those will be attending the tutorial portion.  This may necessitate a change in the agenda to accommodate the numbers.  He will send out a proposal via email.
  • Cadence Studies 
    • Continue to be limited by programmer's time for some bugs and features, but some work arounds have been developed to enable completion of runs for the Cadence Workshop
    • Srini will review the code versions comparing the Master branch and the current opsimblitz1 version (which has some manually edited files)
  • JIRA  - no other blockers were reported mid-sprint