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  • 2014-07-02 Meeting Notes
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Jul 2, 2014 @ at 10:30a PDT (10:30a MST)

Tucson Location:  LSST Conference Room

Videocom: IP (Direct Dial)

Call 1-866-330-1200, Participant Number 860-9352#


  • Cathy, Andy, Abi, Kem, Srini, Peter, Iain


  • LSST2014 
    • travel for Kem and Francisco ahead of meeting
    • OpSim functionality and capability session at Cadence Workshop?
  • SQLite conversion steps (2x2week sprints)
  • MAF documentation in Sphinx?
  • MAF replication of SSTAR
  • Current codebase (all changes?) Kem
  • RA Limit issues
  • Mozilla, El Gato
  • MWV - results on SN studies with Rolling Cadence?



  • IT Requests - will be taking issues through JIRA and eventually using HipChat for quick contact
  • There will be a reinstall of JIRA then reinstall of the Gantt plugin - Iain will let Cathy know when ready for eval
  • There was some discussion on the process for adding plugins
  • the conversion to opsimcvs VM is in progress

MAF presentations review

  • Peter will initiate a Doodle poll; 3 hour block of time; probably July 10
  • go through the initial MAF presentation and setup

SSTAR replication in MAF

  • a workable replacement for the SSTAR should be ready in about 3 weeks (July 25) 
  • this will include the 7 cadence metrics and necessitates the conversion from MySQL to SQLite in the Simulator
  • Lynne will send out an annotated version of summarystats.dat
  • Need to pay attention to code referring to trackingDB
  • plans to Sphinx-ify the MAF documentation are evolving

Simulator codebase

  • There is still confusion as to what features and fixes are included on the bleed installs for opsimblitz1 & opsimblitz2 (Srini will check with Francisco); this is holding up doing runs, but Kem thinks he can design some simple tests to get more info.
  • still need fixes to the nested sub-sequences and 7 year failure issues (needs Francisco's time)
  • Development plans are being formulated, Andy will check with George on what this process is


  • Srini will be travelling after LSST2014
  • OCS Review is scheduled for Sept 9-10
  • JIRA sprint 11 will close and Cathy will communicate with team members to set up Sprint 12