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  • 2014-06-18 Meeting Notes
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Jun 18, 2014 @ at 10:30a PDT (10:30a MST)

Tucson Location:  LSST Conference Room

Videocom: IP (Direct Dial)

Call 1-866-330-1200, Participant Number 860-9352#


  • Cathy, Srini, Steve, Kem, Francisco, Peter, Iain, Lynne


    1. SPIE is next week (22-27th) – logistics, papers, etc?
    2. LSST 2014 (Project & Community Workshop) –
      1. is there an OpSim functionality session?
      2. Travel and logistics – Kem to fly in the week before?
    3. Discuss conversion of Simulator from MySQL to SQLite
      1. Drivers:  needed for portability/ease of install/and MAF
      2. Steps and duration [Srini]
    4. MAF documentation – Sphinx vs Confluence – both?  [Peter & Srini]
    5. Arbitrary visits coding – do now with Srini’s time or later with new developer?
    6. JIRA  - Review of Sprint 10


  1. SPIE attendees include Srini, Francisco, STeve and Abi.  We will plan the next Sprint accordingly, Francisco will be submitting another revision to his paper.  Others needing feedback should send their papers to the listserv with a deadline for responses.We did NOT include SPIE activity in JIRA but since it did take up quite a bit of time, we might do this for the next conference.
  2. Machines:  Iain is still working on converting opsimcvs to a virtual machine.  Also, there is a backup of cronos that could be restored for use in the near term, and if/when cronos can be resurrected in the future, it can be compared to make sure nothing is missing. (JIRA issues exist for both these tasks)
  3. LSST2014
    1. A session in the main conference has been added back to the schedule on Thursday morning. Steve R will be speaking to the Organizing Committee to get a read on if/whether this session needs to fold into the Cadence Workshop flow of information. Kem and Cathy echoed that it would be useful to explain the basic functions of the Simulator (not necessarily how to run it), to guide the expectations of the Sci Collabs who will be analyzing the outputs and suggesting cadence changes.
    2. Kem and Francisco will arrange to arrive mid-week before LSST 2014 to work on OpSim issues in person (Srini will be on vacation Aug 16-Sep 9).
    3. Cathy sent a listing of tasks and deliverables to the listserv (compiled from existing lists and from the Dry Run) which should cover the scope of work that needs to be addressed before the conference.  some of these have been assigned and all will end up in JIRA - everyone was asked to review the list to check for missing or extraneous items, as we will be responsible for completing these by Aug 8.
  4. Simulator MySQL -> SQLite: Srini thinks it will take 2 sprints or 4 weeks to complete this task.  A breakdown of steps needed to complete the conversion, make the Simulator more portable and easier to install, and to use directly with MAF.
  5. MAF Documentation -> Confluence will be good for tutorials and user guides; Sphinx documentation will be added at for code level documentation as time allows.
  6. Arbitrary visits coding will be postponed until a Scheduler Development plan is completed and commitments for Francisco and Srini's time is known.  Priority is placed on the SQLite conversion, and mopping up a few remaining bugs in the Simulator.
  7. Sprint 10 - many issues that were thought to be closed were actually "In Review" as the result of the change in workflow states.  We reviewed all issues from the backlog to make sure Closed issues were actually closed.  Also, we reviewed work for the coming Sprint 10 and started it.  Kem, Cathy & Steve stayed after to discuss next steps with Simulator runs and tests needed as a precursor to re-running the Tier 1 set of runs again.  JIRA items were created to capture this work.