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  • 2 September 2015
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Retrospective from Bremerton:
— I thought having a white paper goal helped get all the cadence workshop people motivated
—Really liked seeing the genetic algorithm for scheduling. The performance was great—looked like it was doing intelligent things like doing large contiguous blocks of sky. Hope we have another cadence strategy meeting soon.
—Sounds like people want solar activity in the sky background model. I tend to think this is over-engineering (so the sun is active, are we going to not observe that night?), and as long as the observing is relatively uniform, it should all average out.  But if people want it I’ll put it in.
— I need to listen to science collars to see what they are doing and how they are using the sims software so we can support them.
— About to get more users, so need to make code faster and more efficient so we can run at scale for many users.
Chris Walter:  
—People in the DESC who have goals that they would like to see happen. Lots of groups not talking to each other.  Trying to bring people together at Bremerton. Starting Survey Simulation Meeting. Thurs 11am.  
—For metrics, lots of work for people who have specific things in mind.  Most of the metrics suffice for most of the users. Comparing simulations will be the area of interest.
—Impressive display of new people
—Like to see people face-to-face. 
—Lot to work on. Calibration and relation to the calibration telescope. How to integrate day operations into current simulations. Not well defined how to integrate with the calibration telescope.
—Some talks on how to integrate with other surveys (LIGO), and WFIRST and Euclid. Haven’t considered in simulations, so those are issues.
—Catsim is about to be the focus of DESC, with TWINKLES going first. 
—OpSim SOCS discussion. Need better communication across the project and decide on things.
—Planning is harder.  
—The community wants more simulations.
—Need to finish NEO report
—Need to re-run some runs by end of year
Recap of boutique survey conference
day and a half on time domain surveys. 
virtually all the transient and variable stuff from science book will be done by these surveys. Not as deep as LSST, but better cadences than current simulations.
Variable science landscape might be very different by the time LSST starts.
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