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  • 18th October Simulations Meeting
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18th October Simulations Meeting

Attending: ajc, debbie, simon, lynne, dave m, steve r, john



  • ajc will talk to Iain about moving confluence off the 8443 port
  • Steve r will discuss with the camera team the alignment of simulations with their work (2 week timescale)
  • Simon will update catalog development plan
  • John will update phosim plan (DM roadmap is at


FDR reschedule: 2nd Dec or following week are most likely (but could stretch later than that). 

Will impact DESC if 2nd Dec

  • Debbie - lot of discussion planned at DESC on simulations (cosmo, phosim etc). Starting on 4th of Dec  
  • Simon can attend for catalogs, EnHsin for phosim, Debbie planning to go
  • Should have confirmation end of next week

Possible date for face-to-face for sims: week of 13th Jan (assuming no government shutdown)

Steve R

  • There are a number of test benches for the sensors (f/1 system at Davis, brookhaven test bed). We could create an image from the catalogs and reimage it with real sensors


Topics for cross simulation discussion

  •  Introduction to Jira and confluence
  •  Definitions of source attributes (size and ellipticities etc)
  • Cross validation between the different simulation components (opsim, catsim, phosim)
    • standard trim files that can push through catalogs and phosim 
  • Coherent structure for documentation and worked examples 
  • What is in the sky brightness model
  • DCR and fiducial examples for modelling and testing  


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  1. Unknown User (djbard)

    For those of us who don't remember, the conference phone number is:

    Call in number: 866 330 1200 code: 518 2287#