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  • 18th April 2014
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Attending: ajc, john, lynne, kem, peter, abi, debbie, bo, kirk, george, scott, cathy, scott
Action for this week:
  • Move catsim to stash
  • John will provide phosim developer names and we will provide stash user accounts
Last weeks action items:
  • stash for maf and opsim - DONE
  • resolve camera geometry difference - DONE

Plans for the development:

  • DM summer 2014 
    • Development plan has no real impact on development of simulations (image subtraction and multi-fit using simplified images)
    • Andy Becker finds DCR differences at the 10% level (wavelength dependent). 
    • En-Hsin will work with AndyB to resolve these differences
  • George - M1M3 acceptance and ellipticity are the primary drivers for systems engineering
    • SE will track compliance of the whole LSST system. 
    • Plan for the next few months is to validate the data for these metrics (system parameters and perturbations). 
    • Will update and make these data available (on the confluence page)
    • Work is legitimizing the perturbation data through validation and the validation of the phosim parameterizatio
    • Understand the acceptance testing pipeline
    • Bo will lead these efforts
  • Phosim
    • Should have the hooks in place to do the engineering tests
    • Question will be to validate data and code as being correct
    • EnHsin is leading the effort - will use JIRA to track the bugs
    • Sensor development - see presentation sent to email list
    • Will release a new version - after calibration files are generated (end of April)
    • George - Can EnHsin run phosim 
  • OpSIm   
    • Inputs document for the scheduler (Steve)
    • Inputs to OCS and ICD between scheduler and simulator 
    • Objectives for the scheduler and the metrics meeting the scheduler objectives (Abi)
    • Francisco transitions off opsim in July?
    • Workshop development (Kem). 
    • Francisco is working on look ahead and rolling cadence
    • Zeljko's runs (12 of 13) Tier 1 runs complete
    • Srini installing on HPC environment
      • work on replacing slalib with palpy
      • MAF work
      • arc - down prioritize HPC till others are in place
      • Srini - time on MAF (100% till September)
  • MAF
    • End of this month for SSTAR outputs for multiple opsim runs 
    • Following month    
      • Documentation for MAF and SSTAR functionality
      • Presentation layer version one
        • Web reports for individual opsim runs
        • High priority metrics (Steve's metrics) - would like to use Srini time
    • Third month
      • Tutorials on MAF 
      • Presentation layer version 2


Call in number: 866 330 1200
code: 518 2287#
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