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  • 14th February 2014
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Attending: ajc, Kem, Richard, Debbie, Jim, Chris, Seth, John, Cathy, Peter, Dave, Scott, Abi, Simon, Chuck
Today's main item will be Abi leading a debrief of last weeks opsim review 

  • opsim review and scheduler development
    • External review - committee Roc Cutri, Phil Pinto, Eric Neilsen, Michael Droettboom 
    • Question was status of opsim and its suitability for developing the scheduler (docs in collection 3107)
    • Verbal debrief - code mature, needs to go from development to integrated in the development of the scheduler. Needs prioritized objectives, need to address failed observations (in a probabilistic manner rather than pass/fail), need to understand ICD with scheduler (including possible data from DM), increase the speed to hours not days for a run,  need to better understand the metrics in terms
    • Tasks ahead - rolling cadence for workshop in August, srini and francisco on vacation (3 weeks), will move to git. Require a detailed understanding of the ICD with the scheduler and to create a design for this

    • Transition to git - End of next week for completion of any cvs clean up

August meeting - LSST Project and Community Workshop: August 11 - 15, 2014

  • transitioning from slalib 
    • simple transition to palpy (slight disagreement eg prenut uses different standards)
    • palpy doesnt accept nd-arrays - not vectorized. This costs about a factor of 3 for simple speed up 
    • speed not an issue currently for opsim and catalogs but may be an issue going forward
    • Monet - will ping groups about update schedule of sofa and comparison of accuracy of slalib and pypal routines
    • Scott will talk with Francisco
  • brief update on software standardization study
  • Chris Stubb's and Chuck's sky camera and photodiode 
  • Debbie (meeting at noon for DESC)
    • series of phosim and catsim examples and uses and recipes (python scripts)
    • release date end of March (github repo is accessible currently)
    • Simon - Adrian Pope will visit in a couple of weeks (UW) and will create some recipes during his visit
      • Chris - the documented steps that go with the end-to-end walkthrough (movie) would be useful
  • Richard 
    • NERSC (DESC) 4 million CPU hr allocation
    • requests currently in place for abut 2 million hrs
    • working on imsim on demand facility (specify how to run imsim and then launch on grid). Goal is June to have great it running
    • Chris - not really a centralized installation

Call in number: 866 330 1200
code: 518 2287#
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